M2 Mobile Insights' Network Utilization Report: Android WiFi Offload Trends Across 25 Countries

M2 Mobile Insights' Network Utilization Report: Android WiFi Offload Trends Across 25 Countries

Across the globe, mobile data consumption varies from country to country. Factors such as network infrastructure along with availibility and affordability of mobile plans and data contribute greatly to Android users’ data consumption trends happening over mobile or WiFi networks. Although data plans in other countries can be easily and mistakenly perceived as inexpensive when compared to mobile data plans in the United States, data plans need to be considered relative to the country’s monthly gross national income (GNI). According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), it is reported that mobile data prices are two times more expensive in developing countries than developed ones.

As you’ll see in the chart below, powered by M2 Mobile Insights’ carrier performance analytics, the portion of data going over WiFi varies drastically by country. For more in-depth information on data usage for countries, carrier networks, and apps, check out M2 Mobile Insights’ Carrier and Network Utilization Dashboard. Here, we looked into 25 countries with varying mobile data availability and calculated the consumption of WiFi as a percentage of total data per day.


In countries where mobile data is not easily accessible, or too expensive, Android users expend a greater percentage of WiFi per day than mobile data. An example of this is Mexico—according to the data collected by M2 Mobile Insights, Android users in Mexico use the highest percentage of WiFi in regards to total data usage per day (an astounding 94%). While more developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and Taiwan utilize a lower percentage of WiFi per day—74%, 70%, and 58% respectively.

According to the ITU, South Korea has the fastest broadband speed at 10 Mbits/s and greater. The incredibly speedy bandwidth in South Korea may account for why Android users in the country utilize mobile data more-so than WiFi (76% of data over WiFi). Brazil on the other hand—although with a variety of fast and slow bandwidths—broadband speed is highly concentrated towards less than 2 Mbits/s. This could possibly offer an explanation as to why Android users in Brazil use 93% of data over WiFi, a rather substantial number. Android users in countries that exhaust a large amount of data over Wi-Fi could be the result of expensive mobile plans, slow broadband, or a combination of both.

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