Most Popular Android Game Categories Worldwide

Most Popular Android Game Categories Worldwide

Gaming preferences vary wildly across regions, with each country favoring different games and game categories. Expanding your game into previously untapped markets can be expensive and time consuming due to localization costs and advertising expenditures, so it is important to know that you will be expanding into countries that have a demand for your game category. To help game developers, M2 App Insight analyzed the gameplay of 5 key Android markets: Brazil, Germany, Japan, Spain, and the United States to determine the hottest game categories in each country.
The following report shows what proportion of time gamers from five different countries allocate to each category, displayed as percentage of total gameplay time. Non-game developers can look to our previous post analyzing the most popular app categories across the globe.

Android Casual Games

Brazil – 38% of gameplay
Germany – 40% of gameplay
Japan – 14% of gameplay. Of the countries in this report, Japan is the only country where casual games were not the most popular game category. In fact, Japan’s casual gameplay made up only 14% of total gameplay, which is less than half than the second lowest country (US – 28%).
Spain – 44% of gameplay. Spain’s Android users love casual games, and devote 44% of their gameplay time to this category.
United States – 28% of gameplay

Android Arcade Games Brazil – 31% of gameplay
Germany – 25% of gameplay
Japan – 32% of gameplay
Spain – 23% of gameplay
United States – 25% of gameplay
Of the app categories shown today, the Arcade game category received the most level usage, as there is only 9 percentage points between the top Arcade-playing country (Japan – 32%) and the lowest (Spain – 23%).

Android Brain Games

Brazil – 7% of gameplay. Brazil is the only country featured today where Brain Games make up less than 10% of overall game time.
Germany – 12% of gameplay
Japan – 18% of gameplay
Spain – 16% of gameplay
United States – 18% of gameplay

Android Card Games

Brazil – 4% of gameplay
Germany – 7% of gameplay
Japan – 2% of gameplay
Spain – 5% of gameplay
United States – 12% of gameplay. The United States leads all five countries with 12% of gameplay dedicated to card games.

Android Puzzles

Brazil – 3% of gameplay
Germany – 3% of gameplay
Japan – 19% of gameplay. Japan’s 19% of gameplay devoted is significantly greater than the other 4 countries on this list. If you make puzzle games, Japan already has a large interest in puzzle apps.
Spain – 2% of gameplay
United States – 3% of gameplay

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