Top Android Phones and Tablets for Power Users

Top Android Phones and Tablets for Power Users

Throughout the globe, Android dominates 82.8% of the mobile market for all smartphones and tablets. With a market as extensive as Android’s, users are offered a wide range of mobile devices, each with a different set of features that are geared toward a variety of audiences. In previous M2 Mobile Insight reports, we’ve detailed devices that are favored by gamers (read more) and video streamers (read more). However, today we’ll identify which Android devices are favored by power users, which are Android users that spend the most time on their devices. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the five most engaged mobile devices for both Android phones and tablets, calculated from data collected from M2AppInsight database.

Phones alt 1. Motorola Droid Ultra: 34.31 hours/user/week The most engaged users are those with the Motorola Droid Ultra, coming in at 34.31 hours of active use for per user, per week.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 33.94 hours/user/week Released in September 2013, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes in closely behind with 33.94 hours of engagement among each user, weekly.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4: 29.28 hours/user/week With the largest user-base among the top 5 most engaged mobile phones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 makes it onto the list for most engaged devices. This is not surprising as the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a popular device among Android users.

4. HTC One: 26.53 hours/user/week Users on the HTC One phone spend an average of 26.53 hours of active engagement per week.

5. LG Optimus G: 24.35 hours/user/week Among the top five most engaged devices is the LG Optimus G, with 24.35 hours of active usage per user/week


alt 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: 26.45 hours/user/week Leading the tablet category for most engaged, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet comes in at 26.45 hours per user per week, comparable to engagement of mobile phones.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab: 22.74 hours/user/week Engagement on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is 116% lower at 22.74 hours/user than Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

3. Asus MemoPad HD: 22.72 hours/user/week Released in 2013, the Asus MemoPad has the third most engaged users among Android tablets.

4. Asus Nexus 7: 17.64 hours/user Among the top five most engaged tablets, the Asus Nexus 7 has the largest number of active users.

5. Sony Xperia Z Tablet: 10.97 hours/user/week The Sony Xperia Z Tablet comes in 5th, with an engagement of 10.97 hours of active run time per user.

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