Which Android Devices are Gamers Using the Most?

Which Android Devices are Gamers Using the Most?

With a multitude of Android devices on the market, it is crucial to understand which of these different device types most highly appeal to specific user groups. Some Android devices are geared toward, and are more appealing to gamers, while other devices are more for business professionals.

For this M2 Mobile Insights report, we’ll identify the most-used Android devices for gameplay based on three engagement aspects: time spent playing Android games per day, percentage of games played, and the portion of time spent playing games.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: At 156 minutes of gameplay per week, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 leads all Android devices as the biggest consumer of Android games.
  2. OnePlus One: Coming in second overall (and first among smartphones), upstart OnePlus One users average two and a half hours of game time per week, which is double the US average (75 minutes/week).
  3. ZTE ZMAX: Despite not having the fastest data speeds, users of the ZTE ZMAX in the U.S. are the 3rd highest users of games with an average of 141 minutes per week.
  4. HTC Desire 510: 135 minutes of gameplay per week. The limited storage available on the HTC Desire doesn’t hinder its users from being the 4th biggest consumer of games.
  5. Verizon Ellipsis 7: The second most-used tablet for games, the Ellipsis 7 averages 133 minutes per week of gameplay per user.

  1. OnePlus One: 85% of OnePlus One users are weekly active users of one or more games, which is double the U.S. average (42%).
  2. ZTE ZMAX: 61% of users are weekly active game users.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: At 56%, the Galaxy Tab leads in Android tablet devices as the only tablet in the top 5.
  4. LG G Flex: 54% of users that have this 6-inch bendable smartphone play at least one game per week.
  5. LG G3: 54% of users are weekly active game users.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 users spend 29% of their app usage time playing games, which is triple the U.S. average (10%). The Galaxy Tab 3 ranked among the top 3 for every gameplay metric analyzed in this report.
  2. LG G Pad LTE: 23% of total app usage time is devoted to games.
  3. ASUS Nexus 7: 20% of total app usage spent playing games. The top three devices are all tablets.
  4. Samsung Nexus: With a gameplay/total app usage rate of 19%, Samsung Nexus leads all smartphones.
  5. OnePlus One: 17% of total app usage time devoted to gaming.

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