T-Mobile's New "Binge On" Program Encourages Users to Binge on Video Streaming, for Free

T-Mobile's New "Binge On" Program Encourages Users to Binge on Video Streaming, for Free

This report on T-Mobile’s Binge On Program is made possible by M2 Mobile Insights, a powerful community-based performance analytic solution that delivers all new performance monitoring and usage insights.

Streaming videos on your Android device can quickly eat up your mobile data as streaming apps can become data hogs. Back in November 2015, T-Mobile released Binge On, a feature that allows unlimited streaming across 24 popular video applications (see full list here) such as Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and HBO Now all for free. For T-Mobile users on qualifying plans for Binge On, having no Wi-Fi connection or an abundance of mobile data to stream videos is a problem of the past; with Binge On, you can now stream as much as you want without even draining a nanobyte of your paid mobile data.

Having been a couple months since Binge On’s debut, we’ve compiled data on the 24 video applications whitelisted by T-Mobile to determine how the network’s Binge On program is impacting engagement and data usage patterns with the selected apps.

User Engagement


User engagement—shown as the average front run time the app is actively utilized per day—indicates that since the introduction of Binge On, T-mobile users are using streaming video apps more than before. Once Binge On became available, the 24 apps included saw an average increase of 4.6 minutes/day in engagement—a 55% boost in user engagement across the partnered apps.

Mobile Data Consumption


As engagement increased, it is no surprise that average mobile data consumption also saw the same trend with Binge On’s partnered streaming apps. Before Binge On, T-Mobile users were on average using 16.39 MB of mobile data a day for streaming apps. Since the introduction of Binge On, partnered streaming apps saw an an average boost of mobile data consumption to 19.58 MB/day (a 19% increase). An increase in engagement translated to an increase in average mobile data consumption—good thing for Binge On users is that none of which would go towards their monthly data limit.

While T-Mobile users haven’t turned into binge watchers overnight, there’s no doubt that T-Mobile’s Binge On program has led to higher engagement among qualifying users. Whether Binge On will be successful in the long run is yet to be determined—but for now, it looks like T-Mobile’s Binge On feature is heading the right direction.

This report was powered by M2 Mobile Insights, a crowdsourced mobile analytics platform that delivers all new performance monitoring and usage insights to help mobile carriers, device manufacturers, app developers build better experiences for their users. Powered by the anonymized contributions from millions of enthusiasts, M2 Mobile Insights can help answer the mobile industry’s biggest problems to achieve better apps, together. Learn more about M2 Mobile Insights' analytics platform here and discover more data insights here.

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