Snapchat’s “Discover” update leads to dramatic data usage spike

Snapchat’s “Discover” update leads to dramatic data usage spike

With smartphone owners devoting more and more time to using their favorite apps, the top apps are taking up an increasing share of both Android consumers’ time and data.
With the top apps regularly releasing fresh updates several times a month, the network impact can vary greatly due to resource-intensive new features or flawed programming that may cause the app to drain excessively high battery, overconsume data, or slow down the device.
When Snapchat, the wildly-popular social app, published their “Discover” feature in their late-January update, they not only saw an immediate spike in engagement, but a massive spike in data usage as well.

Snapchat’s data usage spiked nearly overnight from 10 MB of total data per user to 55 MB of total data per user in late January. Most of this is attributed to the users being exposed to the “Discover” feature for the first time, which provided video feeds of major news publications.

Although Snapchat gained increased engagement initially, the update ( also consumed four times as much data as previous Snapchat versions, which depleted their users’ data plans and placed an unforeseen strain on the network.

The data for this report was collected by M2AppInsight. Utilizing a database of trillions of anonymized user-contributed app performance data points, M2AppInsight delivers performance and usage insights to help Android app developers identify performance-related issues that may be causing poor user retention, negative app reviews, and reduced engagement.

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