Snapchat's Recent Battery Spike & New Travel Mode Feature in  v9.14.0.0

Snapchat's Recent Battery Spike & New Travel Mode Feature in v9.14.0.0

Snapchat has grown to become one of the most popular social media applications across all smartphone platforms. Having lunch? Snap it. Selfie? Snap it. At a concert? Snap it. Snapchat has embedded itself into our lives (mine included!), making it habitual for us to snap the mundane days, the fun days, and everything in between. For Snapchat-addicts, it’s a nightmare when your battery runs out before the day even ends. And since July 13th, that is the exact nightmare Android users are experiencing in Snapchat’s updated versions and

Android users who upgraded Snapchat to these versions saw that their phones were draining battery at a much faster rate. According to M2 Mobile Insights, the data obtained indicated that the two newer versions exhausted 269% and 275% (respectively) more battery than prior Snapchat v9.11.0.0. The drastic spike in Snapchat’s two updated versions had Android users flocking to the Internet for answers, with a good number of users turning to 3rd party websites to revert back to older Snapchat versions in order to conserve battery by downloading them online.


Two weeks into August, Snapchat released v9.14.0.0. Detailed updates included extra emoticons, a new eye icon to see who viewed your story, and an option for users to enable travel mode to lower data drainage (we’ll dig a little deeper soon); however, there was no mention about the battery spike being fixed, the biggest concern for avid Snapchat users.

Despite not being mentioned in the version release notes, there indeed has been a drastic decrease in battery drain for Snapchat v9.14.0.0. Data collected from M2 Mobile Insights indicated that the recent update lowered battery drainage to an average of 244.77 mW—that’s 241% less battery exhausted in Snapchat’s recent update (woot woot)! Although the recent update’s battery drainage is slightly higher than prior version, it is still a tremendous improvement from versions 9.12.


Snapchat truly brings a lower consumption package in v9.14.0.0. Along with fixing the battery spike from versions 9.12, Snapchat is following the footsteps of some popular apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp in reducing mobile data consumption. Snapchat gives users the opportunity to reduce mobile data usage via the Travel Mode option, a very similar approach to WhatsApp’s low data usage for voice calls option. Turning on Travel Mode drains less of your mobile data because snaps and stories are no longer preloaded; in order to load the snap, you simply have to tap it. We found that having the option to enabled the Travel Mode does salvage you a good portion of data daily—Android users in v9.12.1.0 were exhausting 7.66 MB of mobile data a day, whereas Android users that utilized v9.14.0.0 consumed less data at 5.73 MB of mobile data a day.


Like Geico, switch and save, but in this context—update your Snapchat today and start saving. In all seriousness, whether you are a Snapchat-guru or Snapchat-novice, it’s time to update your Snapchat to the latest version so you can save your battery and mobile data from further exhaustion. Now get back out there and snap away, worry-free.


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