Battery Drain Rate of the Most Popular Android Music Streaming Apps

Battery Drain Rate of the Most Popular Android Music Streaming Apps

With music streaming continuing to rise in popularity, several Android music streaming apps are fighting for the ears of Android music lovers. Smartphones allow people to listen to their songs and discover new artists at all times. With more and more Android users turning to music streaming to power their summer playlists, it is imperative that Android music streaming apps don’t burn Android users as much as the sun does. Here is a rundown of the most popular Android music streaming apps and their average battery drain rates.

This crowdsourced community report is provided by M2AppMonitor, a free Android app available on Google Play to optimize your Android device by showing which of your apps use the most battery, data, memory, and more on your device.

Google Play Music Battery Drain Rate – 511  mW

Google Play music battery drain - M2AppMonitor report

The Google Play Music battery drain rate of 511 mW is slightly below the battery drain rate of the average Android music app. The most-used Android music app by far, Google Play Music keeps users’ attention by offering unlimited songs, smart music recommendations, and an unlimited “skip” limit.

Pandora Battery Drain Rate – 564 mW

Pandora Android battery drain - M2AppMonitor report

Pandora, the massive music app with over 100 million users wins over users with an easy set-up process and an audio library spanning from oldies to alternative to comedy. The Pandora Android app battery drain of 564 mW exceeds the average Android music app battery drain by 46 mW.

TuneIn Radio Battery Drain Rate – 652 mW

TuneIn Radio Android battery drain

TuneIn contains over 100,000 real radio station and an abundance of podcasts available. The TuneIn Radio for Android’s battery drain rate of 652 mW is well over a hundred mW over the Android music app average.

SoundCloud Battery Drain Rate – 734 mW

SoundCloud Android battery drain - M2AppMonitor report

Boasting a user base of over a quarter billion people, SoundCloud pushes to be the place for music discovery. The SoundCloud Android battery drain rate far exceeds the average by over 215 mW.

Spotify Battery Drain Rate – 628 mW

Spotify Android battery drain - M2AppMonitor

The Spotify Android app, offered as both a free and paid app, lets users create playlists, discover new music, check out ready-made playlists, and listen without commercial interruption (with the premium version). The Spotify Android app’s battery drain rate of 628 mW exceeds the Android music streaming app average by 110 mW.

Shazam Battery Drain Rate – 762 mW

Shazam Android battery drain - M2AppMonitor

An ever helpful tool for identifying the song you’re currently hearing, Shazam has seen a spike in popularity thanks to partnerships with TV ads and hit shows like The Voice. Shazam Android users may also see a spike in their battery consumption, given Shazam’s 762 mW battery drain rate.

iHeartRadio Battery Drain Rate – 860 mW

With plenty of high-powered partnerships, iHeartRadio has the infrastructure to become a music superstar. Like most superstars, however, iHeartRadio for Android burns bright at 860 mW, over 340 mW over the average Android music streaming app.

Battery Drain Rate of Pandora, Spotify, Shazam, and more in M2AppMonitor report

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