Opera Mini vs Opera Browser: Android Data Comparison

Opera Mini vs Opera Browser: Android Data Comparison

In past reports, we’ve analyzed popular apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp that successfully boosted engagement through creating new apps and/or additional features to accommodate users with lower-powered devices, limited access to Wi-Fi data, or expensive mobile data plans—all of which are often prominent in emerging markets worldwide. The Opera flagship Android app, Opera Browser, has been available on Google Play since 2012, and garnered a dedicated Android fan base over the following two years. However, in late 2014, Opera launched Opera Mini, geared towards improved performance on low-powered devices and consume less resources.

In consideration with low-powered devices, Opera Mini runs significantly less in the background. As you can see below, Opera Mini runs 42% less time per day in the background than the standard Opera Browser Android app. By running for less time in the background Opera Mini is reducing its impact on device performance, which might’ve prevented users from using Opera Browser in the past.

In addition to running less in the background, the Opera Mini Android app also consumes resources at a reduced rate. Below, you’ll see a head-to-head comparison between both Opera Browser and Opera Mini. For every hour that Opera Mini is being actively used onscreen, it is using less than a quarter of the data than the standard Opera Browser (19 MB/hour vs 82.1 MB/hour). While running in the background, Opera Mini is 3 times more efficient than Opera Browser.

The performance differences between Opera’s two main browsers have dictated each app’s popularity in different markets. In the chart below, countries that have highly-available data like the United States and Japan favor the standard Opera Browser Android app. While countries with higher mobile data rates and less network infrastructure like Hungary and India favor the Opera Mini Android app.

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