Movie-watcher on the go? Check out Android's 11 most popular media apps to see how much data they drain

Movie-watcher on the go? Check out Android's 11 most popular media apps to see how much data they drain

Ever wonder how much data Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and other Android video apps use on a daily basis? Do Android social video apps like YouTube and Dubsmash use data similarly? Find the answers to these questions and much more in today’s M2 Mobile Insights report.

Summer time is the perfect time to catch up on all your favorite movies and TV shows, even if that means on-the-go, conveniently from your Android mobile devices. However, you may not realize how much mobile data you have exhausted until you’re all caught up on the latest episode of Orange is the New Black on your Netflix Android app. Before something that detrimental happens, we’ve got you covered—listed below are Android’s 11 most popular media and video apps globally with their respective mobile data consumption, starting with the Android app that drains the highest amount of mobile data.


  1. Naver Media Player Data Usage: 155.17 MB/Day
    Popular in South Korea, Naver Media Player provides a variety of HD videos for live streaming, popular videos, and music videos, while also keeping you updated by uploading videos via real-time from Nader’s drive. These features land Naver Media Player the top spot for consuming the largest amount of mobile data at 155 MB/day. Unless you already have an unlimited data plan at your disposal, Naver Media Player will exhaust a hefty portion of your data.

  2. Hulu Data Usage : 75.51 MB/Day
    Streaming free movies and latest episodes of your favorite television series on Hulu for Android devices drains 75.51 MB data per day.

  3. Netflix Data Usage: 62.47 MB/Day
    Netflix vs. Hulu—Netflix drains 121% less mobile data per day than Hulu. For users concerned with their Android data usage plans, maybe it’s time to switch from Hulu to Netflix. Netflix n’ chill, anyone?

  4. Niconico Data Usage: 16.75 MB/Day
    Niconico, one of the largest media and video services in Japan, provides a platform for users to engage in live streaming and live broadcasting with real-time interaction with other users. With real-time features, it is surprising that Niconico exhausts only 16.75 MB of mobile data per day.

  5. Twitch Data Usage: 13.11 MB/Day
    Popular among gamers who play games such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Counter Strike, Twitch is a platform for gamers to live broadcast, record, and watch game plays while interacting with other gamers. Does anyone want to have a LAN party and watch Twitch afterwards?

  6. µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader Data Usage: 11.40 MB/Day
    Searching, downloading, and enjoying anything that has a file (audio, movies, etc.) via uTorrent will cost you 11.40 MB/day.

  7. YouTube Data Usage: 8.71 MB/Day
    YouTube, the most popular Android media and video app globally, consumes 1.75 times more mobile data than the overall media and video category average.

  8. HBO Go Data Usage: 3.67 MB/Day
    If your favorite shows are on HBO, streaming them from your Android mobile device via HBO Go drains 3.67 MB/day, less than the overall media and video category app mobile data usage with 4.99 MB/day.

  9. Podcast Addict Data Usage: 3.26 MB/Day
    With Podcast Addict, you can enjoy a variety of numerous podcasts throughout the day, draining only 3.26 MB.

  10. Google Play Movies & TV Data Usage: 0.19 MB/Day
    If you purchased or rented any movies or TV shows on Google Play, you can revel in these purchases by watching them on Google Play Movies & TV Android app, costing you only 0.19 MB/day.

  11. Dubsmash Data Usage: 0.07 MB/Day
    You can have fun recording preset dubbed videos without worry about how much data Dubsmash utilizes. At this rate, you’ll be a Dubsmash star in no time.


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