M2 Mobile Insights' Report:  Top App Categories for Android Phones vs Android Tablets

M2 Mobile Insights' Report: Top App Categories for Android Phones vs Android Tablets

In past reports we’ve analyzed how users in different countries prefer different apps. For today’s M2 Mobile Insights report, we’ll check out how U.S. Android tablet users engage with apps compared to Android smartphone users.

Using data anonymously collected from the M2 Mobile Insights community, we’ve gathered the 10 Google Play app categories that Android phone and tablet users are most engaged with.

Android Phones alt 1. Social Category Engagement: 25%
Android mobile phone users are mostly engaged with social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.
2. Communication Category Engagement: 22.7%
Phone users are also highly engaged with communication apps. Some popular communication apps are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.
3. Games Category Engagement: 13.1%
The Games category is also popular among phone users, with 13.1% of engagement among all categories.
4. Media & Video Category Engagement: 9.6%
Compared to tablet users, phone users in the Media & Video app category are less engaged (9.6% for phone users vs. 13.1% for tablet users).
5. Tools Category Engagement: 4.6%
6. News & Magazine Category Engagement: 4.5%
The News and Magazine Android app category is one of the top 10 most engaged categories for phone users, but not for tablet users.
7. Entertainment Category Engagement: 3.9%
8. Productivity Category Engagement: 2.5%
9. Travel & Local Category Engagement: 2.4%
10. Music & Audio Category Engagement: 2.1%
Making it to the top 10 most engaged app category for mobile phone users is Music and Audio. Several popular Android apps in this category are Pandora, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Android Tablets alt 1. Games Category Engagement: 24.2%
The Games category dominates in first place for Android tablet users at 24.2% (compared to phones with only 13.1%). Some popular games among users are Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, and Temple Run.
2. Communication Category Engagement: 15.8%
Although not as extensively engaged in the communication category as phone users (22.7%), tablet users are still substantially involved with communication apps more-so than other categories (15.8%).
3. Media & Video Category Engagement: 13.10%
Coming in 3rd place for most engaged app category for tablets is Media and Video. Well-known apps in this category are Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu.
4. Transportation Category Engagement: 8.3%
Transportation apps, which includes apps like Uber and Lyft, make a somewhat surprising appearance as the 5th most used app category on Android tablets.
6. Entertainment Category Engagement: 8%
7. Social Category Engagement: 7.7%
Although the Social category placed first among phone users, it places 6th most engaged category at 7.6% for tablet users.
8. Books & Reference Category Engagement: 5.9%
The Books and Reference category made it onto the top 10 most engaged app categories for tablets, but not for phones. On the contrary, news apps are much more popular on phones than on tablets. This data suggests that when users are reading long-form content such as eBooks, they prefer the large screen of a tablet, but users tend to read breaking news content while on the go.
9. Tools Category Engagement: 5.1%
10. Music & Audio Category Engagement: 2.1%
11. Productivity Category Engagement: 1.7%

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