Mobile Data Utilization Trends Across the Globe

Mobile Data Utilization Trends Across the Globe

In a previous post, we went over 25 countries with diverse data availabilities and their Wi-Fi over data consumption. In today’s post we’ll look into the same 25 countries; however, this post is dedicated to looking at the consumption of data over carrier networks, also known as mobile data. Varying mobile data consumption between countries could be the result of a multitude of aspects such as mobile data availability, Wi-Fi availability, broadband speed, mobile data expenses, or a combination of the four. For more in-depth information on data usage for countries, carrier networks, and apps, check out M2 Mobile Insights' Carrier and Network Utilization Dashboard.

As you’ll see in the chart below, we’ve calculated and compiled the mobile data consumption per Android user, per day for each of the 25 countries.


Of the 25 countries we’ve compiled, Android users in Taiwan use an abundant amount of mobile data at 66.43 MB per user, per day. Android users in the second highest mobile data consuming country, South Korea, exhaust 76% less data over carrier networks than Taiwan. On the other end of the spectrum, Android users in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and Greece exhaust a relatively insignificant amount of mobile data when compared to the higher mobile consuming users in Taiwan, South Korea, United States, and Japan.

Of the four countries that consume the least amount of mobile data daily for per user, data obtained from the M2 Mobile Insights' database indicate that Mexico is not the least mobile data consuming country. From a previous M2 Mobile Insight report on Wi-Fi consumption across 25 countries with diverse data trends, we saw that Android users in Mexico utilized the largest percentage of Wi-Fi over data; however, this does not necessarily equate to mobile data consumption trends.

If you would like to learn more about Wi-Fi consumption and mobile data usage trends across your carrier network, visit our Analytics for Carriers and Networks page for more information.

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