M2AppInsight Quarterly App Performance Report: Global Android App Category Averages

M2AppInsight Quarterly App Performance Report: Global Android App Category Averages

With the Android operating system amassing 80% of the smartphone market across 20,000 unique device types in nearly every country and carrier network around the world, there is a huge opportunity to expand your app’s user base internationally. However in order for your app to expand in the highly-diverse Android market, your app needs to be able to perform well across a spectrum of device types and network usage environments.
While your app may perform well when using high-powered devices with strong network connections, it may be experiencing significant performance issues on less-powerful device types with poor network connectivity, thereby limiting your app’s ability to grow in markets where low-powered devices are prevalent. These performance problems will result in negative user experiences, followed by poor Google Play reviews, reduced engagement, and uninstalls.
In order to help educate Android app developers on how to more efficiently target the right users and device types, M2AppInsight has provided the first quarterly report on Android app usage and performance in 20 countries around the world. In addition, this report presents granular active usage and app category mindshare data for each app category by country so you can identify which countries have the highest demand for your app.
Here’s a guide explaining the performance metrics included in the quarterly report:
Foreground Battery Drain

If your app drains battery at a high rate, your users may limit themselves to using your apps in situations where a power source is available, if at all. In addition to reduced usage time, inefficient battery usage may lead to poor reviews, reduced engagement, and uninstalls.
Background Battery Drain

Especially if your app runs persistently, any engineering inefficiencies could cause consistently high drainage of your users’ battery and may lead to users identifying your app’s background usage as the culprit for device battery problems.
CPU Usage

If your app takes up excessive CPU, it can drastically slow down your users’ devices and significantly impair the user experience.
Daily Mobile Data Usage

Android users with limited mobile data plans can be very sensitive as to how their data is used. If your app inefficiently consumes data, your app may be causing your users to pay costly overage fees for exceeding their data plan.
Memory Usage

If your Android app consumes excessive memory or suffers from memory leaks, it will slow down your users’ devices, and risk being force closed when available memory is low. While your app may perform well on some high-powered devices, it may be experiencing significant performance issues on less-powerful device types with lower memory capacity, thereby limiting your app’s ability to grow in markets where low-powered devices are available.

Foreground App Usage Time (Onscreen Runtime)

How does your app’s daily active usage compare to your app’s category average? If your app averages less onscreen usage time than the category average, performance issues may be a contributing factor.
App Usage Mindshare

To give you a better understanding of popular apps and app categories in the 20 different countries, M2AppInsight sheds light into which apps and app categories are actually engaged with the most. Mindshare is the percentage of overall app usage time dedicated to using a particular app category.

About M2AppInsight

The data for this report was collected by M2AppInsight during the first quarter of 2015 (January 2015 – March 2015). With a database of trillions of performance data points across 3.5 million app versions and 20,000 unique device types in over 200 different countries, M2AppInsight delivers performance and usage insights to help Android app developers identify performance-related issues that may be causing poor user retention, negative app reviews, and reduced engagement.
Go to http://www.m2appinsight.com for your free report as well as to learn how M2AppInsight can help you:
• Pinpoint device types, OS versions, carrier networks, and geographic regions where your app performs poorly, and may be causing reduced engagement, uninstalls, and negative reviews.

• Track all of your app versions to check for performance improvements.

• Compare your app’s performance and usage to similar apps across the world.

Action Games
Action games have been found to be especially engaging to users in Asian countries like South Korea (35.6 minutes/day) and Taiwan (30.3 minutes/day), which far exceeded the global average of 12.5 minutes per day.

Arcade games are among the lowest data-consuming game categories with .4 MB of mobile day consumed daily.

Books & Reference
The Books category holds less than a percentage of mindshare in the majority of the 20 countries surveyed for the report, but Android users in South Korea (12.7% of mindshare) and Russia (4.9% of mindshare) have a taken a liking towards such apps.

Globally, the average business app only spends 1.4 minutes per day in the foreground, yet 544.8 minutes running in the background.

Card Games
The Card Games category generally takes up less than half a percent of mindshare in most countries, but the users that do play average 21.6 minutes/day, higher than any other game category.

Casual Games
Casual games consume more CPU in emerging markets such as Argentina (18.7%) and India (19.3%) than the category average (15.5%).

Despite being the most-used app category in many countries, communication apps are very conserving of mobile data by using about 1.1 MB per day.

Entertainment apps in European countries such as Germany, Italy, and the UK all consume more battery than the global average yet take up significantly less battery while running in the background.

With the exception of Malaysia, finance apps, on average, spend over 99% of their runtime in the background.

Health & Fitness
In general, health apps run very lean on device battery with a 69.2 mW background battery drain to help give devices the stamina to last throughout the day.

Lifestyle apps in South American countries like Argentina (123.3 mW) and Brazil (139.9 mW) use considerably more background battery than the global average (72.1 mW).

Media & Video
Media apps take up more overall app usage mindshare in Mexico than in any other country (11.2%). Interestingly enough, media apps in Mexico also the most data-efficient (.3 MB/day).

Music & Audio
Music apps used in Taiwan and South Korea use over 250% more data than the global average.

News & Magazines
News apps take up the most usage mindshare in the UK (9.4%) and Australia (8.6%). So of this success might be attributed to news apps being over twice as data-efficient as the global average.

Android consumers in Thailand are the biggest users of photo apps. Part of this could be due to photography apps performing better than the global average for background battery, foreground battery, CPU, and data usage.

Productivity apps are used more per day and take up more usage mindshare in India than anywhere else.

Puzzle apps take up the most app usage mindshare and average foreground runtime while running the least often in the background in Japan and South Korea.

Racing apps in the United States consume less battery than the global average but double the global average with regards to data usage.

1.8% of all app usage time in the UK is dedicated to shopping apps, which is more than any other country.

With 7.7% of app usage dedicated to social apps, India uses social apps the least of the 20 countries featured in this report. This lack of engagement could be caused in part by social apps consuming too much resources to run effectively. India’s average thresholds for battery, CPU, data, and memory are all lower than the global average.

Sports Apps
For sports app users in Japan, the average daily usage is 14.8 minutes, nearly 5 times more than the global average.

Strategy games in the United States consume less resources than the global average in all categories.

In general, tools apps tend to run over 10 hours a day in the background, yet manage to only use .2 MB per day of mobile data.

The average memory usage differs dramatically by country, ranging from 7.5 MB in Russia to 25 MB in Malaysia.

Travel & Local
France’s Android users dedicate more time to travel apps (3.4% of mindshare) than any other country.

Due to weather apps often tracking location and weather change updates in the background, several countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Mexico, UK, and United States, use more battery in the background than in the foreground.

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