M2 Mobile Insights Case Study: How Facebook increased engagement in developing markets by introducing Facebook Lite

M2 Mobile Insights Case Study: How Facebook increased engagement in developing markets by introducing Facebook Lite

International markets are the new frontier for app market expansion. With Android controlling 80% of the global smartphone market, you have two choices, either optimize your app for entire international market or efficiently target the right users on the right networks and devices.
Not all apps perform equally across the 20,000+ Android device types available today across over 800 different carrier networks, and there may be an entirely different experience for users of popular apps like Facebook depending on device type, network strength, and network coverage.

Low-end Android devices and slower carrier networks that are available in developing countries can often limit users due to their lower performance capacities. As an example, the average daily mobile data usage differs greatly between developed countries such as the United States (67.7 MB) and developing countries such as India (only 19.3 MB).
With these limitations, high resource-consuming apps like Facebook experience decreased adoption in emerging markets with low-powered devices and less-established network infrastructures that limit available data.

In effort to establish higher adoption in these emerging markets, Facebook released a stripped-down Android app called Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is much more lightweight and uses significantly less resources than the standard Facebook app for key metrics like battery drain, CPU usage, and amount of mobile data usage.

By addressing their app’s high resource consumption, Facebook opened up their app to even more widespread user adoption in developing markets. Soon after its release, Facebook Lite saw increased engagement over the standard Facebook app in emerging markets like Vietnam (62% boost), Nepal (178% boost), and Turkey (106% boost).

The data for this report was collected by M2 Mobile Insights. Utilizing a database of trillions of anonymized user-contributed app performance data points, M2 Mobile Insights delivers performance and usage insights to help Android app developers identify performance-related issues that may be causing poor user retention, negative app reviews, and reduced engagement.
With a database of trillions of performance data points across 3.5 million app versions and 20,000 unique device types in over 200 different countries, M2 Mobile Insights helps app developers determine target device types with performance capabilities that are suitable to handle their app’s resource requirements. Go to http://www.m2mobileinsights.com to learn how M2 Mobile Insights can help you:
• Pinpoint device types, OS versions, carrier networks, and geographic regions where your app performs poorly, and may be causing reduced engagement, uninstalls, and negative reviews. • Track all of your app versions to check for performance improvements. • Compare your app’s performance and usage to similar apps across the world.

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