Lyft vs Uber: Compare battery, data, and CPU of the top two ridesharing apps

Lyft vs Uber: Compare battery, data, and CPU of the top two ridesharing apps

Uber and Lyft have been locked head-to-head battling over the future of crowdsourced transportation. With the increasingly heated competition, Uber and Lyft offer limited price promotions and added features to their respective Android apps. Both do their best to convince they are the right service to get you where you want to go. But which one won’t over-consume your Android device’s data plan, exhaust your battery life, and cause phone lag along the way?

Uber Android Data Usage: 470 KB per minute
Lyft Android Data Usage: 196 KB per minute

Considering both Uber and Lyft rely on reporting real-time precise location information for its passengers and drivers, it comes as no surprise that both consume data at a high rate. However, the Uber app drains an alarming 470 KB of data per minute of onscreen use, which is more than double Lyft’s data usage rate.

Uber Battery Drain: 161 mW in the background and 504 mW in the foreground
Lyft Battery Drain: 235 mW in the background and 470 mW in the foreground

The high exchange of data entering and leaving the device often leads to a high battery drain rate as well. While Lyft uses less battery than Uber while running onscreen, Lyft uses 46% more battery than Uber while running in the background. Given that the apps run frequently in the background, Lyft drains more battery over the course of the day. To cut down on unnecessary battery drain, make sure to force close any location-based apps when not in use.

Uber Android CPU Usage: 10%
Lyft Android CPU Usage: 6%

Apps that use a considerable amount of CPU can potentially cause your device to overheat or lag. With the Uber Android app consuming 10% of CPU on average, it consumes 67% more CPU than the Lyft Android app.

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