The On-The-Go Streaming Experience: Android’s 10 Highest Streaming Mobile Devices

The On-The-Go Streaming Experience: Android’s 10 Highest Streaming Mobile Devices

There was a time when watching your favorite shows and movies meant that you were stuck at home glued to the tv or computer screen. However, with advancing technologies, the viewing experience is revolutionized with the ability to have it on-the-go. Today’s mobile devices are equipped with better processors, larger screens, higher resolution, and longer battery life. Avid movie watchers tend to gravitate towards devices that provide the best viewing experience, and particular mobile devices are designed and marketed towards them. Below, we look into Android’s 10 highest media streaming devices globally.


1. ZTE ZMax Front (3.21 hours/week) The ZTEMax Front mobile device was designed for users who enjoy streaming videos. With a 5.7 inch screen and 3400 mAH battery that is comparable to a tablet, the ZTEMax Front is built for long streaming sessions. ZTEMax Front users stream the most at an average of 3.21 hours of entertainment from apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

2. ASUS Nexus 7 (2.67 hours/week) The first tablet to make it onto the list of highest streaming devices is the Asus Nexus 7. Users with this device who utilize entertainment apps stream 182% more hours (2.67 hours compared to 1.46 hours) than the entertainment category average for all devices.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (2.64 hours/week) Users who have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 spend an average of 2.64 hours actively engaging in Android entertainment apps.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (2.62 hours/week) Coming in close behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, with users streaming an average of 2.62 hours of media and videos.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (2.60 hours/week) The 5th device with the highest streaming duration is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

6. ASUS MeMOPad HD (2.58 hours/week) ASUS MeMOPad HD users stream 177% more hours than the entertainment category average for all devices.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (2.43 hours/week) Users with the 8.4 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 heavily utilizes entertainment apps, streaming an average of 2.43 hours.

8. Sony Xperia Acro HD (2.32 hours/week) Another mobile device to make it to the top 10 highest streaming devices is the Sony Xperia Acro HD. Despite the lower battery life of this phone compared to the ZTEMax Front, users with Sony Xperia Acrod HD stream on an average of 2.32 hours, 158% longer than the category average of all devices.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (2.20 hours/week) In 9th place for devices with the highest streaming is Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 users on average stream entertainment for 2.20 hours.

10. HTC J Butterfly (2.18 hours/week) For a mobile device, the HTC J Butterfly boasts a large 5.2 inch screen perfect for viewing purposes. Users with this device spend an average of 2.18 hours for apps such as HBO Go and YouTube.

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