Facebook Messenger- Big Step for Greater Possibilities

Facebook Messenger- Big Step for Greater Possibilities

One of the most downloaded Android apps, Facebook Messenger, has been the cornerstone of connecting and communicating for Facebook users, providing convenient access to reach anyone on the Internet’s top social networking site. Previously, Android users were required to have a Facebook account in order to utilize Messenger. Messenger’s exclusiveness came at a price for the messaging app, as it essentially limited the user base that Messenger could potentially accumulate. However, as of June 22 that all changed when Facebook liberated Messenger from being exclusively tied to Facebook users in Messenger’s update. This decision resulted in Facebook launching Messenger as a true standalone app, opening its doors to everyone with a name and mobile number. Removing Messenger’s usability restriction portrays Facebook’s candid attempt to expand their user base influence even further.

Attempt towards the Standard Means of Communication

Inclusive with Facebook’s intention to gain a larger use base for Messenger is the overall scheme to become the standard medium for mobile messaging. With advancing technologies, means of communication are steering towards cross-platform messaging, with users spending a substantial portion of their time connecting and engaging with friends via messaging apps.

According to M2AppInsight, data obtained from 300,000 Messenger users illustrated a noticeable shift in user engagement—displayed as average foreground runtime—in Messenger’s latest version, within weeks after launch. On July 12, Messenger’s updated version surpassed its predecessor, coming in at 1.15 minutes compared to 1.11 minutes in the previous version. The 4% increase in user engagement may be due to new users learning to navigate and use Messenger’s interface, and existing users utilizing the app more-so than before due to a wider circle of friends to connect to.

In the colossal sea of messaging apps, Facebook Messenger is setting out to dominate the messaging-app-sphere by releasing its latest Android update. Where Facebook Messenger stands in regards to becoming the standard means of cross-platform communication is uncertain; what is clear is that Messenger’s newfound freedom will provide it with the opportunity to obtain new users, by few or by many.

The data for this report was collected by M2AppInsight. Utilizing a database of trillions of anonymized app performance data points contributed by 2.8 million users, M2AppInsight delivers performance and usage insights to the entire Android ecosystem for better apps together.

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