Big Social Media Battery Drainers: 11 Android Apps with the Highest Battery Drain Rate

In a previous post, the M2 Community showed which popular Android social media apps, such as Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus and Twitter, spend more than 90% of the time running in the background. Today, we will take this study a step forward by revealing the average battery usage of the top Android social networking apps. Social networks are essential today in helping us communicate with friends, find great deals, stay current on breaking news and more; all from our mobile device. However, with the high battery drain rate of some major social media apps, the helpful tools are also hurting your battery life. After all, these tools are rendered useless if you run out of battery.

Listed below are 11 massively-popular social networking Android apps with the highest battery drain rate. If you want to see which apps use the most of your device battery life, you can download the FREE M2 Battery Saver on Google Play to better manage your device's battery life, improve battery health, and eliminate battery-draining apps.

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1. Facebook Battery Drain Rate 1297.5 mW

Facebook Android app runs in the background

The world’s most popular social network is also the highest battery consumer. If you’re low on battery, make sure to use Facebook only when necessary.

2. Foursquare Battery Drain Rate 1084.2 mW

Foursquare runs in the background on Android

The social event sharing app not only runs mainly in the background (as seen in yesterday’s post), it also is the second highest battery drainer.

3. Meetup Battery Drain Rate 1047 mW

Meetup Android app drains battery

Meetup, a social network revolving around learning and sharing new things, may be limiting your learning time by draining battery at a pace of 1047 mW.

4. Battery Drain Rate 1032.33 mW Android app drains battery

The popular dating site convinces users that there’s no time limit for finding true love. That is, as long as your Android device’s battery doesn’t run out first.

5. Circle Battery Drain Rate 1028 mW

Circle drains Android app battery

Circle, which keeps users in the loop of their local surroundings, takes 5th place with 1028 mW.

6. Snapchat Battery Drain Rate 974.5 mW

Snapchat Android app drains battery

This photo-sharing app with a three-second duration puts a timer on your battery life, too.

7. LinkedIn Battery Drain Rate 973.4 mW

linkedin android app runs in the background

The professional social network follows just behind Snapchat, taking the spot as the seventh-highest battery consumer.

8. Vine Battery Drain Rate 906.7 mW

Vine Android App drains battery

This looping-video app catches users with addictive 6-second clips. Don’t stare too long, because the video may reset every 6 seconds, but your battery doesn’t.

9. Twitter Battery Drain Rate 723.4 mW

Twitter Android app runs in the background

Among the largest social networks, Twitter is among the more conservative consumers with a 723.4 mW battery drain rate. #NotBad

10. Google+  Battery Drain Rate 660.87 mW

Google Plus Android App Runs in the Background

Google’s social network clocks in at number 10, with 660.87 mW.

11. Instagram Battery Drain Rate 631.6 mW

Instagram Android App runs in the background


Yesterday, Instagram proved to be the most engaging major social media app. Today, it proves to be among the most efficient, too. With a 631.6 mW battery drain rate, Instagram consumes battery at less than half the rate of Facebook.


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