9 Social Media Apps with the Lowest Background Battery Drain Rate

Social networks continue to become a larger and larger part of our lives; all from our Android device. However, with the high battery drain rate of some major social media apps, these helpful tools—that you may consider essential to living your life—are also hurting your battery life. Now that social apps are packed with rich-media content and location-sharing capabilities, battery durability has certainly become an issue. After all, these wonderful social media apps are rendered useless if you run out of battery. For today’s M2AppMonitor report, here are some of the most popular social media apps for Android that also keep your battery life in mind. The average background battery drain rate of the 100 most popular Android social media apps is 102.8 mW, which several of these apps greatly outperform.

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1. Google Plus

Google Plus Android App Runs in the Background

Google’s social network comes out on top as the most efficient social media app when running in the background. Google Plus uses approximately a quarter of the average social media app.

2. Tumblr

Tumblr is a low battery draining background android app M2AppMonitor report

The blogging site, previously acquired for a 10-digit sum by Yahoo, is running smooth with a 35.59 mW background battery drain rate.

3. LinkedIn

linkedin android app runs in the background

The network for professionals has suffered from outside reports regarding the platform’s low engagement. However, with a 64.42 mW background battery rate, LinkedIn greatly outperforms the average social media app regarding efficiency when off-screen.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a low battery draining background android app M2Appmonitor report

Pinterest, a tool which has a mission of letting users become inspired, performs well in the background with a 73.2 mW background battery drain rate.

5. Badoo

Badoo battery draining app in the background android M2AppMonitor report

This social catalyst is on fire with over 90 million users, but keeps your battery cool with a 92 mW battery drain rate while in the background.

6. Twitter

Twitter Android app runs in the background

Twitter is right on pace with the social media app average with a 102.9 mW background battery drain rate.

7. Instagram

Instagram Android App runs in the background

A previous M2AppMonitor report showed that Instagram uses exceptionally efficiently when running in the foreground. But the photo app uses slightly more battery in the background than the average social media app with 118.2 mW..

8. Facebook

Facebook Android app runs in the background

With plenty of location-based services, Facebook does a decent job of only burning 127.1 mW in the background, which is not too far off from the average.

9. Snapchat

Snapchat Android app drains battery

Snapchat gained a heightened profile by rejecting Facebook’s multi-billion dollar proposal last month. Today, Snapchat is beaten out by Facebook. Of the apps on today’s list, Snapchat has the highest background battery drain rate of 181.4 mW.

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