Average Foreground Battery Drain for Android App Categories – An M2 App Insight Report

Average Foreground Battery Drain for Android App Categories – An M2 App Insight Report

This report on the average foreground battery drain rates of over 30 different Android app categories is provided by *M2 App Insight, a powerful community-based performance analytics solution for app developers. M2 App Insight utilizes a database of over a trillion app performance data points from over 1 million Android apps across over 16,000 device types to improve app life for consumers and app developers alike.*

Go to *http://m2appinsight.com/developers/ to receive a free report that shows how your app compares to its category and identifies performance issues that might be damaging your app’s reputation.*

Battery life is a precious resource for Android users, and your app’s usage of battery life can greatly affect how often and how long users engage with your app. If your app drains battery at a high rate, your users may limit themselves to using your apps in situations where a power source is available, if at all. In addition to reduced usage time, inefficient battery usage may lead to poor reviews, reduced engagement, and uninstalls. To see how your app consumes battery, use M2 App Insight for free to benchmark your app against your app’s category, and to identify specific devices, locations, and Android OS versions where your app may be struggling.

Listed below are the battery usage averages for over 30 Android app categories, reported by M2 App Insight. If you would like to learn more about how your app is performing among the global Android audience, go to M2AppInsight.com for a free report on your app and learn more about how your app performs on all of your users’ devices.

Foreground Battery App Category Average (1)

Top Takeaways

  • The nine app categories that drain the most foreground battery are all game categories.
  • Apps in categories that tend to run persistently (Communication, Weather, Tools, and Personalization) are the most battery-efficient app categories.
  • By designing your app to be battery-efficient, you will be allowing your app to be used more often and for longer periods of time than high battery draining apps.
  • Apps that drain excessive amounts of battery may suffer from poor user retention, lower Google Play reviews, and reduced engagement.

How does your app compare to the category average for memory, battery, data, and more? Go to http://m2appinsight.com/developers/ to receive your free report.

Want to see how your app performs across all of your users’ devices? Download the free M2 App Insight SDK.

  • Pinpoint device types, OS versions, carrier networks, and geographic regions where your app performs poorly, and may be causing reduced engagement, uninstalls, and negative reviews.
  • Track all of your app versions to check for performance improvements.
  • Identify competing apps that are trending in usage and reducing your users’ engagement with your app.

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