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Emmy Duong
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T-Mobile's New "Binge On" Program Encourages Users to Binge on Video Streaming, for Free

This report on T-Mobile’s Binge On Program is made possible by M2 Mobile Insights, a powerful community-based performance analytic solution that delivers all new

M2 Mobile Insights' Report:  Top App Categories for Android Phones vs Android Tablets

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Mobile Data Utilization Trends Across the Globe

In a previous post, we went over 25 countries with diverse data availabilities and their Wi-Fi over data consumption. In today’s post we’ll

M2 Mobile Insights' Network Utilization Report: Android WiFi Offload Trends Across 25 Countries

Across the globe, mobile data consumption varies from country to country. Factors such as network infrastructure along with availibility and affordability of mobile plans and

Top Android Phones and Tablets for Power Users

Throughout the globe, Android dominates 82.8% of the mobile market for all smartphones and tablets. With a market as extensive as Android’s, users

10 Popular Android Games for this Halloween Season…and Their Data Consumption

Besides the dressing up, increased sugar consumption, and sweet aromatic notion of pumpkin spice-flavored everything, October brings forth its best aspect—Halloween. As Halloween inches