David Peterson
David Peterson
Using the trillions of data points from the M2AppInsight database, David Peterson enjoys writing about the latest app usage and performance trends. Contact David by emailing: dpeterson@m2catalyst.com
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(UPDATE) On October 17th, 77% of Cell Sites in Puerto Rico Still Down

On October 2nd we provided a crowdsourced report looking at Puerto Rico, showing that 86% of the cell site antennas were still down. In that

Over 86% of Cell Sites in Puerto Rico Are Still Not Operating in Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ROK Mobile (a nationwide provider of wireless and social impacting value-added services) has partnered with M2Catalyst (a crowdsourcing

Opera Mini vs Opera Browser: Android Data Comparison

In past reports, we’ve analyzed popular apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp that successfully boosted engagement through creating new apps and/or additional features

Gridiron Gladiators: battery, data, and CPU usage between the top Android fantasy football apps

Football fans rejoice as the NFL season has officially kicked off. With the game’s growing popularity comes a massive increase in fantasy football as

Lyft vs Uber: Compare battery, data, and CPU of the top two ridesharing apps

Uber and Lyft have been locked head-to-head battling over the future of crowdsourced transportation. With the increasingly heated competition, Uber and Lyft offer limited price

Which Android Devices are Gamers Using the Most?

With a multitude of Android devices on the market, it is crucial to understand which of these different device types most highly appeal to specific