10 Popular Android Games for this Halloween Season…and Their Data Consumption

10 Popular Android Games for this Halloween Season…and Their Data Consumption

Besides the dressing up, increased sugar consumption, and sweet aromatic notion of pumpkin spice-flavored everything, October brings forth its best aspect—Halloween. As Halloween inches closer, you are more prone to neglect all natural instincts you’ve had all year long, only to set yourself up for a good heart pounding thrill. If you’re not visiting a haunted theme park or trespassing into an abandoned asylum, you can still enjoy this Halloween from the comfort of your Android device. However, the most haunted of houses doesn’t hold a candle to the horror of exceeding your data plan by playing content-rich thriller games. Below we’ve gathered 10 of Android’s most popular Halloween games and report on how much data they use when played. These games will surely get you into the Halloween spirit. Hope you’re not easily spooked by some data drainage.


alt Dead Trigger 2 Data Usage: 53.18 MB/hour

Draining the highest amount of data per hour is Dead Trigger 2, a very popular first-person zombie shooting game. Pulling the trigger on the dead may be easy, but pulling the trigger on the game once you start playing may be difficult.

alt The Walking Dead Season 1 Data Usage: 42.58 MB/hour

If you enjoy AMC’s The Walking Dead, the Walking Dead Season 1 Android game will let you experience what it’s like firsthand to be in every single zombie-infected episode of the show.

alt Into the Dead Data Usage: 25.62 MB/hour

Another Android first-person zombie game for this Halloween is Into the Dead, killing 25.62 MB/hour. In this particular zombie game, you can only move forward. As you are propelled through the mass sea of the undead, you are left with three options: dodge, shoot, or die.

alt Stupid Zombies Data Usage: 15.13 MB/hour

With a limited number of ammo for each level, in order to survive this zombie apocalypse, you must combine strategy with weaponry. Keep in mind there are 720 levels, so you might be busy this Halloween season.

alt Dead Target: Zombie Data Usage: 13.33 MB/hour

A first-person zombie shooting game similar to Dead Trigger 2 is Dead Target: Zombie. If you are trying to undead your data for this month but still want to slay zombies, Dead Target: Zombie exhaust 399% less data per hour than Dead Trigger 2.

alt Zombie Tsunami Data Usage: 9.76 MB/hour

Instead of slaying zombies this Halloween, maybe you can be one. In Zombie Tsunami, you’ll be rampaging through the city turning the living into the undead, creating your own massive zombie tsunami.

alt Criminal Case Data Usage: 9.45 MB/hour

If your type of thrill is solving mysterious and gruesome murder cases, Criminal Case will have you fully locked and engage on solving who the culprit is.

alt Plague Inc. Data Usage: 9.18 MB/hour

You can be the evil mastermind this Halloween by creating the ultimate pathogen and starting a global plague. In Plague Inc., your goal is to infect as many people as possible; the higher the body count, the better.

alt Zombie Smasher Data Usage: 2.13 MB/hour

Smashing and killing ugly (somewhat adorable) looking zombies with the tap of your finger will only kill you 2.13 MB of data per hour.

alt Plants vs. Zombies Data Usage: 0.99 MB/hour

In Plants vs. Zombies, you’ll be equipped with 49 plant varieties in your arsenal against invading zombies. Smarter than your average, brain-less zombies, you’ll have to incorporate tactic with plant weaponry in order to defend yourself.

alt If you're not ready for a data overage scare this Halloween, download True Booster (free on Google Play) to not only avoid costly data overages, but also extend battery life, boost phone speed, and clear out storage in seconds. True Booster will help you identify which of your apps are draining your battery, driving up data costs, taking up your storage, and slowing down your mobile device.

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