Android's top 10 game apps' data consumption rates

Android's top 10 game apps' data consumption rates

Summer is spent hanging out with friends , exploring new places, and enjoying the weather. Thanks to smartphones, you can pass all the time in between by playing Android games wherever you are. In order to maximize profits, game companies try to keep you playing their games as long as possible, which may be draining significant amounts of your data plan as well. If you’re a gamer on the go, it’s important that you know your games won’t lead to massive data overages. To help you out, we’ve looked into how much mobile data is consumed by the summer’s biggest Android games.

  1. Puzzle and Dragons Average Data Consumption: 1.09 MB/day
    Coming in first for the highest data usage among Android’s 10 best games is Puzzle and Dragons, a puzzle-RPG hybrid game that has you collecting items and leveling your monsters.

  2. Hay Day Average Data Consumption: 0.99 MB/day
    Hay Day, a popular Android farming game where you can tend to your animals and crops, takes second place in average data usage.

  3. Solitaire Average Data Consumption: 0.73 MB/day
    Solitaire by MobilityWare, the most popular card game on Google Play, exhausts .73 MB of mobile data on a daily basis.

  4. Trivia Crack Average Data Consumption: 0.44 MB/day
    Testing your own knowledge or challenging friends with fun trivia on Trivia Crack consumes an average of 0.44 MB of data a day.

  5. Clash of Clans Average Data Consumption: 0.37 MB/day
    You can fight off rival clans and strengthen your own army without having to worry about losing a substantial amount of your data daily.

  6. Farm Heroes Saga Average Data Consumption: 0.33 MB/day
    Farm Heroes Saga, a match-three puzzle game by King, takes 0.33 MB of mobile data per day.

  7. Candy Crush Saga Average Data Consumption: 0.30 MB/day
    Following close behind in 7th place is the ever so popular Candy Crush Saga. Matching up three-liked candies will only cost you on average 0.30 MB of data daily.

  8. Subway Surfers Average Data Consumption: 0.22 MB/day
    You won’t have to worry much about your mobile data plan being consumed from playing Subway Surfers; instead, you can concentrate on dodging trains, collecting coins, and staying ahead of the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

  9. Boom Beach Average Data Consumption: 0.19 MB/day
    Boom Beach—a strategic combat game slightly similar to Clash of Clans—has you attacking enemy bases to free enslaved islanders. However, Boom Beach utilizes about 2 times less data than Clash of Clans. If you’ve enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) playing Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is the game to check out.

  10. Candy Crush Soda Saga Average Data Consumption: 0.14 MB/day
    With the exact same concept as Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush Saga, the third match-three puzzle game from King that made it on Android’s 10 best games is Candy Crush Soda Saga. Unlike Farm Heroes and Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda uses the least amount of data, draining 0.14 MB of mobile data per day (that’s over 200% of data you’re saving compared to Farm Heroes and Candy Crush!) If you want to maximize your data usage, switching over to Candy Crush Soda can do just that.

All the mobile games that made it onto Android’s 10 best games fortunately do not exhaust a significant portion of your paid monthly data plan, so you can spend this summer playing fun Android games worry-free.

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