Gridiron Gladiators: battery, data, and CPU usage between the top Android fantasy football apps

Gridiron Gladiators: battery, data, and CPU usage between the top Android fantasy football apps

Football fans rejoice as the NFL season has officially kicked off. With the game’s growing popularity comes a massive increase in fantasy football as well. Fantasy footballers have more options than ever to choose between traditional season-long leagues (Yahoo Fantasy Sports, ESPN Fantasy Football, NFL Fantasy Football, and CBS Sports Football) and single-day competitions (FanDuel and DraftKings). For the serious player in pursuit of making the playoffs, the need to constantly check the latest updates and receive the latest injury news is crucial; it’s important that your Fantasy Football site of choice isn’t draining your battery, data, and CPU during this NFL season.

CBS Sports Football battery drain: 475 mW in the foreground and 256 mW in the background

DraftKings battery drain: 282 mW in the foreground and 126 in the background. DraftKings pitches itself as being a low-commitment league due to the one-day format. DraftKings can also boast being a low battery-draining option as well, being that it drains the least battery (in the foreground and background) of any of the apps featured in this report.

ESPN Fantasy Football battery drain: 453 mW in the foreground and 232 mW in the background

FanDuel battery drain: 391 mW in the foreground and 173 mW in the background

NFL Fantasy Football battery drain: 521 mW in the foreground and 288 mW in the background. The NFL Fantasy Football Android app wins the unenviable distinction of having the highest battery drain rate while running in the foreground and background.

Yahoo Fantasy Football battery drain: 474 mW in the foreground and 221 mW in the background.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Android data usage: 383.7 KB/minute. Make sure you have a strong WiFi connection when entering the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app, or risk over consuming your data plan. Time to make every waiver wire transaction count.

NFL Fantasy Football Android data usage: 199.2 KB/minute

DraftKings Android data usage: 196.4 KB/minute

ESPN Fantasy Football Android data usage: 157.4 KB/minute

CBS Sports Football Android data usage: 150.6 KB/minute

FanDuel: 93.1 KB/minute. When compared to its high data consuming counterparts, FanDuel uses data quite efficiently at 93.1 KB/minute, which is still considered high when compared to the average app.

FanDuel Android app size: listed at 22 MB on Google Play and 27.7 MB upon install. FanDuel has the highest listed app size on Google Play at 22 MB and increases 26% upon install, meaning FanDuel uses up the most storage space upon install.

NFL Fantasy Football Android app size: 15.2 MB before install and 26.9 MB upon installation (77% increase)

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Android app size: 16.3 MB before install and 25.2 MB upon installation (55% increase)

ESPN Fantasy Football Android app size: 7.8 MB before install and 19.2 MB upon installation. Despite being listed on Google Play as taking up 7.8 MB of storage space, ESPN Fantasy Football app grows 147% upon installation and grows to occupy 19.2 MB of space.

DraftKings Android app size: 11.4 MB before install and 18.5 MB upon installation (63% increase)

CBS Sports Fantasy Android app size: 10.4 MB before install and 18.4 MB upon installation (78% increase)

NFL Fantasy Football CPU usage: 9.1%. As with battery usage, NFL Fantasy Football utilizes the most Android CPU, which may cause decreased processing speeds or phone lag.

CBS Sports Football CPU usage: 8.1%

ESPN Fantasy Football CPU usage: 7.1%

Yahoo Fantasy Sports CPU usage: 5.9%

FanDuel CPU usage: 4.1%

DraftKings CPU usage: 3.7%. The DraftKings Android app uses the least amount of CPU, and has the smallest impact on your device speed. Proving to have the lowest CPU usage percentage and battery drain rate, DraftKings is the clear number one draft pick when it comes to the performance of the top fantasy football Android apps.

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