How Much Data is your Social Media Eating Up? We Look at Android's 10 Best Social Media Apps

How Much Data is your Social Media Eating Up? We Look at Android's 10 Best Social Media Apps

In today’s post, we’ll explore the mobile data usage of Android’s most popular social media applications globally, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter to name a few. Social networks are an integral part of helping us navigate our environment, from connecting with friends, staying up-to-date on trending news, to sharing our interests, and more; all from the convenience of our Android devices. With many people spending a significant portion of their time utilizing social media apps, social networks prove to be an integrated part of our everyday life. The essentialness and utility of social networking apps do come at a cost as it consumes the data we pay for each month—but by how much?

Listed below are the 10 most popular social networking applications for Android globally—starting with the app that consumes the highest amount of mobile data per day.

  1. Tumblr Average Data Consumption: 12.3 MB/day
    The microblogging social media app, Tumblr, consumes the highest amount of data per day—something to consider before reposting that Tumblr post. And if you’re a blogger on a budget, make sure you have a WiFi connection next time you write your next blog.

  2. Snapchat Average Data Consumption: 10.4 MB/day
    Connecting with friends by sending photos and videos that are auto-timed to disappear translates to 10.4 MB of your mobile data disappearing also. The media-rich Discover feature released earlier this year has also increased the daily data usage substantially.

  3. Facebook Average Data Consumption: 9.4 MB/day
    Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, surprisingly does not take first place in data usage. Instead, Facebook comes in third, draining 9.4 MB of data a day.

  4. Instagram Average Data Consumption: 4.6 MB/day
    Although Instagram lands itself as the second most popular social media app, the photo sharing network comes in fourth place with data consumption. The Instagram Android app data usage of 4.6 MB/day is less than half than that of its main competitor, Snapchat.

  5. VK Average Data Consumption: 3.6 MB/day
    VK, which is the largest European social network, takes fifth place, exhausting 3.6 MB of daily mobile data.

  6. KakaoStory Average Data Consumption: 1.51 MB/day
    KakaoStory—a popular social networking Android app originating from South Korea, with a similar concept and interface as Facebook—utilizes 6.3 times less data than Facebook.

  7. Twitter Average Data Consumption: 1.4 MB/day
    Compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, the 140-character limit social media app only eats up an average of 1.4 MB of data a day. Now that’s something worth tweeting about. #tweetmore

  8. Pinterest Average Data Consumption: 0.7 MB/day
    The app dedicated to helping you find ideas for all your projects and interests consumes an average of 0.7 MB of data per day, which is surprising given the network’s focus around sharing high-quality images.

  9. Google+ Average Data Consumption: 0.3 MB/day
    It only takes 0.3 MB per day of your data plan to connect to friends and family on Google’s social network.

  10. LinkedIn Average Data Consumption: 0.1 MB/day
    Of the top ten social networking platforms, the LinkedIn Android app consumes the least amount of mobile data, coming in at an average of 0.1 MB of data usage per day. LinkedIn users can rest assured knowing that they can grow their professional network without growing their monthly data bill.

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