What is M2 App Insight?

M2 App Insight is a crowdsourced mobile analytics platform for Android that delivers all new performance monitoring and usage insights to help developers build better experiences for their users.

All data collected is aggregated and anonymized to protect and assure the privacy of each Android user.

Currently, M2 App Insight has collected over 2 trillion data points on:

  • Over 3.5 million Android app versions from every category
  • Over 1 million devices
  • Over 20,000 different device types
  • Over 800 carriers from 200+ countries
  • Over 1.2 million cell towers

M2Catalyst, the creator of M2 App Insight, is a mobile software development and distribution firm based in California. We produce compelling and differentiating Android, iOS, Big Data, Cloud, Social Networking, and Analytics software products for consumers, carriers, device OEMs, app developers, and enterprise markets. Find more information regarding what we do at www.m2catalyst.com.