7 Best Android Games that are Trending in Usage Time

7 Best Android Games that are Trending in Usage Time

When it comes to Android games in the United States, there are always fresh challengers seeking to replace the incumbent leaders as one of the 25 most played games. Games may rise to the top of the charts in a matter of weeks and fall back down even faster.
As a player, it’s also important to know you’re not investing time in a sinking ship, a game that is losing interest from the Android gaming community. Certain app development companies can invest in costly app advertising campaigns to drive higher numbers of downloads in a short period and quickly climb Google Play’s search rankings; however, as a gamer, you need to know which games are actually most engaging, not just the most downloaded. To give you an actual understanding of the top Android games available today, this report’s data is based on actual game usage time in the United States.
Since January, several game apps have trended on and off Android’s 25 most popular games list but here are 7 of the 25 most popular Android games in the United States that have continued to grow in overall gameplay time from January 2015 through July 2015.

  1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket edition describes itself as the best way to enjoy Minecraft on the move. Minecraft, a game about building things and going on adventures, saw its overall usage boost 109% from the beginning of 2015 to July.
2. Sudoku Free

Sudoku Free, by genina.com, saw big gains this year in 2015. Since January 2015, Sodoku Free is played 35% more in July.
3. 8 Ball Pool

It looks like multi-platform game developer, Miniclip, has another hit game on the rise. Known for a huge variety of games, their take on pool is catching on in the US. Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool is up 35% by July 2015.
4. Cookie Jam

SGN’s popular match-3 game is finding its way in an already saturated market. With several app giants focused on similar apps, Cookie Jam managed to see a boost in overall game time by 33%.
5. Spider Solitaire

Card-game app development guru, MobilityWare, have long been a powerhouse of the classic card game genre and are continuing to grow. Spider Solitaire is up 16% since the start of the year.
6. Solitaire
Following right behind is MobilityWare’s second app on the hottest trending gamhttp://dev.m2mobileinsights.com/content/images/2015/06/FB-Lite---Performance-Comparison--1-.pnges list. Solitaire, their largest Android game app, is up 14% in usage over the start of 2015.
7. Pet Rescue Saga

Game developer King has been able to spin off multiple variations of their global blockbuster Candy Crush. One of their latest apps, Pet Rescue Saga, is still growing and is up 14% since the beginning of the year.


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