5 Best Battery Saving Android Photography Apps

5 Best Battery Saving Android Photography Apps

This is the 9th ‘Best Android Battery Savers’ post, where we focus on bringing you great Android Photography Apps that the M2 Community enjoys the most, while at the same time, are excellent for your battery life. All data in our posts are anonymously collected by M2AppMonitor, a free Android app which can help you see how your apps are using up your phone’s resources such as battery, data, memory, etc. You can get M2AppMonitor on Google Play today.

1. InstaSize Battery Drain Rate 452 mW

InstaSize      InstaSize2

InstaSize is an image editing tool designed to ensure each of your images is fully displayed on Instagram. It’s one of the Top 10 Instagram Companion Apps, it is one of the easiest and quickest way to post entire photo on Instagram without cropping. The InstaSize battery drain rate of 452 mW 30% less than the average Android photography app battery drain rate of 647 mW. The InstaSize Android app is the most battery efficient Android app available.

2. Photo Studio Battery Drain Rate 456 mW

PhotoStudio1 PhotoStudio3

Photo Studio is a powerful all-in-one image processing application for photographers of any level. It contains basic and precise tools that provide multiple ways of retouching your images. Turn your photos into masterpiece using a wide variety of effects, filters, color and text tools, frames, enhancement features and more. The Photo Studio Android app battery drain rate of 456 mW is well below the average photography app.

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